The MIRNet project focuses on migration and integration research and networking

The project is led by Tallinn University, an internationally renowned centre of expertise on migration and migrant integration issues, in cooperation with three internationally leading counterparts: the University of Sussex, Roskilde University and the University of Tampere.

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The 2nd Mirnet Conference Programme is Now Live!

We are delighted to announce that the 2nd Mirnet Conference programme is now live. The conference “New Dynamics of East–West Migration and Migrant Integration Within Europe and Beyond” will take place as an in-person event at the University of Sussex on 15–16 November 2021.
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MIRNet consortium members from Tallinn University held a 3-day research and strategy seminar

The members of the MIRNet consortium from Tallinn University held a three-day research and strategy seminar on August 16-18, 2021.

The agenda included overviews of and ideas for several paper drafts, as well as theoretical discussions related to migration studies and  administrative and strategic tasks.