#DeliverableLead beneficiary
D1.1MIR statute and the formal proposal for establishmentTallinn University
D1.2Research strategy for MIRTallinn University
D1.3Memo on best practices of R&D networkingRoskilde University
D1.4Analysis of R&D networking environment in EstoniaTallinn University
D2.1Research seminar 1University of Sussex
D2.2Research seminar 2University of Sussex
D2.3Research seminar 3University of Sussex
D2.4Research seminar 4University of Sussex
D2.5Research seminar 5University of Sussex
D2.6Scientific conference 1 on current issues in migration and integration researchUniversity of Sussex
D2.7Scientific conference 2 on current issues in migration and integration researchUniversity of Sussex
D2.8Publication of dual journal special issueUniversity of Sussex
D2.9Edited volume submitted for publicationUniversity of Sussex
D3.1List of project callsRoskilde University
D3.2Memo on best practices of project writingRoskilde University
D3.3Project application 1Roskilde University
D3.4Project application 2Roskilde University
D3.5Project application 3Roskilde University
D4.1Communication and dissemination plan: Year 1Tallinn University
D4.2Communication and dissemination plan: Year 2Tallinn University
D4.3Communication and dissemination plan: Year 3Tallinn University
D4.4Project websiteTallinn University
D4.5Private project mailing listTallinn University
D4.6Private online repository for project participantsTallinn University
D5.1Report on the evolution on the publications in high impact journals in the relevant research fieldsTallinn University
D5.2Report on the kick-off meeting, agenda and minutesTallinn University
D5.3Data management planTallinn University
D6.1H – Requirement No. 1Tallinn University
D6.2POPD – Requirement No. 2Tallinn University