NGO Mondo Launches Online Course on Migration Developed by Mari-Liis Jakobson

Today, NGO Mondo launched an online course on migration developed by MIRNet researcher Mari-Liis Jakobson. The Migration School training course is organised around fourteen topics and is free for everyone.


The Migration School online training course is the first of its kind in Estonia. The course covers fourteen key migration topics in short video lectures that are accompanied by written information providing background data, links to further reading and questions for discussion. Additionally, from March 17, the Migration School audio clips are broadcasted on the radio on the Estonian Kuku network Thursdays at 7 p.m.

The Migration School has been developed by Mari-Liis Jakobson, an associated professor at Tallinn University. The topic covering the relationship between music and migration has been created by Risto Lehiste, an expert on pop music.

The course has been designed to help education professionals engage with the topics related to migration in a balanced, coherent, and comprehensive manner. The course features lesson plans for geography, civic society, literature, mathematics, biology, English, and physical education. At the same time, the video lectures and written materials are accessible to the wider audience on the Migration School website providing valuable knowledge on migration to civil society and public sector actors, as well private sector stakeholders, for example, employers. The video lectures are available in Estonian with English subtitles, and the written materials are both in Estonian and English.

“The aim of the Migration School is to provide balanced information on migration to enable people to make informed choices on migration-related issues. Migration is not good or bad in itself, however, it is accompanied by a range of options and challenges. War in Ukraine has put forced migration at the very centre of social attention, but it will remain a hot topic in ‘normal’ times between the crises as well” said Meelis Niine, a migration expert at NGO Mondo, an Estonian civil society organization established that works in the fields of development cooperation, humanitarian aid and global citizenship education.


You can watch the full lectures series on a designated YouTube channel here.

The full course, including the  video lectures, two-minute mini lectures and browse through written materials, is available at the Migration School website, featuring the following topics:

What is migration?

History of migration

Why do people migrate?

Migration policy – why and how countries regulate migration?

How does Estonia regulate migration?

Irregular migration

Refugees and asylum

Emigration and diaspora

The impact of migration on economy

The impact of migration on society


Climate displacement

Migration and public attitudes

Migration and music