Special issue on Relocating East–West Migration and (Im)Mobilities is out!

We are proud to announce that our special issue on Relocating East–West Migration and (Im)Mobilities has been published in the Central and Eastern European Migration Review.


The special issue includes papers from the 2nd MIRNet Conference ‘“New Dynamics of East–West Migration and Migrant Integration Within Europe and Beyond” held in Sussex in November 2022.
The special issue is edited by Russell King, Laura Moroşanu, Mari-Liis Jakobson, Garbi Schmidt, Md Farid Miah, Raivo Vetik, Jenny Money.

All articles are published under Open Access.

Editorial Introduction: Relocating East–West Migration and (Im)Mobilities
Russell King, Laura Moroşanu, Mari-Liis Jakobson, Garbi Schmidt, Md Farid Miah, Raivo Vetik, Jenny Money

Mobility, Transnational and Integration Continuums as Components of the Migrant Experience: An Intersectional Polish-Ukrainian Case Study
Anne White

Agency and Social Relations in the Search for a Better Life: Female Migrant Entrepreneurs in Poland
Kseniya Homel

Living Here, Owning There? Transnational Property Ownership and Migrants’ (Im)Mobility Considerations Beyond Return
Davide Bertelli, Marta Bivand Erdal, Anatolie Coşciug, Angelina Kussy, Gabriella Mikiewicz, Kacper Szulecki, Corina Tulbure

Many Mobile, Few Successful: Ethnicised Return in a Changing Romanian Context
Remus Gabriel Anghel, Ovidiu Oltean, Alina Petronela Silian

To Be or Not To Be a Samsar: Motivations for Entrepreneurship among Romanian Returnees Involved in the Transnational Trade in Used Vehicles
Anatolie Coşciug

The Impact of Parents’ Work Migration on the Social, Communication and Educational Experiences of Left-Behind Adolescents
Georgiana Udrea, Gabriela Guiu

Mobility and Connection to Places: Memories and Feelings about Places that Matter for CEE-Born Young People Living in Sweden
Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, Charlotte Melander, Ingrid Höjer

Where Is My Place? The Second Generation in Italy as a New Kind of Transnational Migrant
Roberta Ricucci

Anxieties Regarding Family Return to Latvia: Does the Imagined Turn Out to Be Reality?
Daina Grosa

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